Why Choose Irish Medium for your Child?

We understand that taking the first step for your child on their educational journey is a huge responsibility.  That’s why we try to minimise the hurdles for you along the way.  Irish Medium Education offer’s everything available in traditional English medium education but with the additional elements of a second language, increased social and extracurricular activities and will lead your child to a better understanding of their own sense of self, culture and traditions.  But…..

Tosaíonn an t-aistear anseo

Your Questions Answered

Not at all!  The majority of parents choosing Irish Medium education speak little or no Irish.

This is a common concern for parents before their children enrol in IME.  It’s important to remember that the purpose of homework in both Irish and English medium sectors is to reinforce the work the children have carried out in the classroom.  It’s crucially important in all sectors that parents support their child to do their work, but that the child is allowed to complete this independently, so the teacher can properly consider the child’s knowledge and understanding and adjust their teaching accordingly.  Your child’s teacher will also consider your level of Irish at home and may send bilingual instructions or videos to explain the tasks.

Yes! IME teachers receive the same qualifications as teachers in English medium schools but are fluent Irish speakers and have experience in immersion education.

The very same processes occur in Irish medium as they do in English medium. Your child’s teacher will monitor and evaluate your child’s progress throughout each year, in line with developmental milestones and the curriculum. IME staff are aware that the majority of parents will not have Irish at home. They also understand this can add to anxiety against the backdrop perhaps of worries concerning your child’s learning/development.  If your child’s teacher feels there are concerns and additional support may be required, they will speak to you, regularly updating you, signpost resources/support and request further intervention through the existing pathways, which are the very same as in English medium.

No, children attending IME also study English at school.  In fact studies suggest it will actually have a positive impact on your child’s English.

No!  Irish Medium Education, at all stages, covers the same curriculum and areas of learning as an English medium facility….just with the added benefit of an additional language and all the benefits and opportunities that this provides.  This means that transitioning to English medium at either primary or post-primary is straightforward. 

Have you got another question you’d like to ask?   We’ve produced a handbook to help support parents in their Irish Medium Education journey that we hope will help further.  You can download it on our website or pop us an email and we’ll forward you a copy.  


How to Apply

Applications for pre-school places for the year 2024/25 will open Tuesday 9 January 2024 at 12 noon. All admission criteria for individual Naíscoils are available on the Education Authority website.

If your child is too young for a pre-school place in 2024/25, do get in touch to express an interest and we can keep in touch and offer pre-pre places where available.