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The Naíscoil provides an excellent opportunity for parents to try Irish-Medium Education, even if you opt to send your child to an English-speaking primary school, your child will have benefitted from an enriching experience that opens their mind to other languages and other cultures in their future life.

What Are the Advantagesof Irish Medium

Irish-medium education is a rapidly growing education sector which delivers education through the Irish language. The pre-schools which provide this are called Naíscoileanna and the schools are called Gaelscoileanna.

Naíscoileanna & Gaelscoileanna deliver the curriculum through the Irish language immersion system. This system allows children to learn a second language as a natural part of their day to day school life. Irish is the language of communication and children quickly and naturally acquire understanding of and fluency through planned, structured play.

Children follow the national curriculum, the same as any English language school. They are taught the full range of subjects and also learn to read and write in English. This is structured as part of a well-designed and highly successful programme which results in the children becoming fluent in both Irish and English.

Pre-School AdmissionsPortal is Now Open

If your child is born on or between 2 July 2019 and 1 July 2020 they will be in their final pre-school year (Target Age) for the school year September 2023 to June 2024. 

You can now apply for a pre-school place for September 2023. 

The application portal is open from Tuesday 10th of January until 12 noon on Friday 27th of January.

If you have a query about how to select your local Naíscoil please contact us at:

MaximisingYour Childs Potential

Children become part of a young, growing, and vibrant Irish-speaking community. This develops a strong sense of social belonging.

Being part of the Irish speaking community allows your child to be part of and be proud of their communtity. Being able to speak two languages and to be able to switch naturally between them, gives children extra self confidence in their abilities which will in turn enhance their self-esteem.

Being bilingual gives your child the opportunity to mix and communicate with a wide variety of people. Speaking two languages offers a wider cultural experience and often a bilingual person will be welcoming, open and accept those who speak other languages and have different cultures.

A ParentsPerspective.

Hear a testimonial from a parent of a Naíscoil Charn Tochair pupil.

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