Education and Training Inspectorate

The staff have created a stimulating, well-resourced and attractive learning environment in which the children’s work is valued

• The quality of the interactions between the staff and the children is of a good standard. The staff support the children well in their learning and interact effectively with them to extend their thinking and creativity.

 • The snack routine and transitions between the activities are developed effectively to provide good learning opportunities across the curriculum and to promote the development of the children’s independence, social and self-management skills.

• The quality of the arrangements for pastoral care in the naíscoil is very good.

 • The pre-school programme is well balanced and provides good to very good opportunities for learning across all areas of the pre-school curriculum.

 • The leader has established an effective cycle of observing, recording and assessing the children’s development and is beginning to use this information appropriately to inform effectively future planning.

 • The naíscoil gives good attention to healthy eating and physical activity

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