"Her confidence is brimming"

I would highly recommend Naíscoil Na Speiríní. To be honest although my husband and I are not fluent Irish speakers we never really considered any other school. Having seen many friends and family members children go through Naíscoil Na Speiríní, I have already witnessed how amazing this school is. We have seen how much the children flourish and the high standard of education they receive. We knew our daughter Evie-Mae would thrive there. The staff are warm and welcoming and make the transition into school life smooth and positive.  Our daughter has just finished Naíscoil and she absolutely loved it. Her confidence is brimming. She has learned lots of words and phrases in Irish and is always singing little Irish songs. It brings my heart joy to hear her singing in our native tongue. She is already excited about going into Rang a hAon at Gaelscoil. We look forward to the new school year and also til next year when our son Aodhán will be going into Naíscoil. " Brenda Brady




"I don't speak Irish"
When my first son was ready for nursery I had huge apprehensions about sending him to an Irish speaking nursery as I am from London and didn't speak any Irish in fact I had never even heard it spoken. But 6 years on and 2 more children through the Naiscoil (and one still there) it was the best decision I have ever made.
The way they absorbs the language still amazes me to this day - they don't even realise they are learning it (I have even picked up a few words myself!)
The staff are very professional and helpful and the premises are great with a large colourful classroom, a large outdoor area with slides and a hall for wet play.All in all I would recommend Naiscoil na Speirini to anyone and everyone.
Loretta Doyle-Kennedy

"It feels like a big family"
My Daughter is at Naíscoil na Speiríní and  loves every day off it.  The staff are fantastic and it feels like a big happy family as soon as you walk through the door.  My other daughter has moved onto Rang 1 in Gaelscoil na Speiríní  and it has been the best choice I made sending them to learn through the medium of Irish.  I have no Irish but have learned from my girls along the way.   Brilliant school in every way.
Toiréasa Corrigan

"The staff are Fantastic"
“Firstly I would like to say how happy we are with our sons progress at the naiscoil.  We had some doubts about sending our son to the Naiscoil initially.  Mainly due to the fact that Liam is already learning Spanish and Catalan. Also neither of us speak Irish.  I know some Irish mainly from school days but Marga doesn't know any. This has never been an issue and the staff explain everything in English.
We first went to see the Gaelscoil play/musical and instantly we could see how advanced and confident the children of all ages were.  We made our decision based on this and the professionalism of the teaching staff.  The School has been fantastic and our son is always happy to go in every morning.  We can already see the progress our son is making.  Staff are fantastic and we get regular updates on what is happening each week.  The smaller classes mean the children get more one to one attention.  You can see the children's happy faces everyday both going to school and being collected.  We would definitely recommend the naiscoil to parents thinking of pre school for their children.  The other parents with children in gaelscoil are all great with answering questions.  Any doubts we initially had quickly left us.  We couldn't be happier with our decision to send our son to the naiscoil.  We initially said we would see his progress through the year before deciding if he would continue to the gaelscoil.  We have already made our decision to send him to the gaelscoil based on his progress in the first term." Michael Regan & Marga Casacuberta
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"I would definitely recommend sending your child here"
Our son has had such a positive experience of pre-school. He settled into school straight away and the staff were a big factor in this. Our child has started to use Irish words and phrases at home, he really enjoys the outdoor play and he often talks about the fun he has "taobh amuigh" with his friends. I would definitely recommend sending your child here, the facilities, the benefits of being bilingual and the friendly atmosphere they have created were the main selling points for me and my wife. 

“I have to admit I was concerned about homework”
My daughter, Naoishe is now in Rang 7 at Gaelscoil na Speiríní. When my husband I went to the open day at the school we were pleasantly surprised. We have a mixed marriage but both of us wanted a high standard of education for our child regardless of 'religion’.

 My daughter was a timid girl and very shy as she was an only child and  was not used to being around other children. From day one our child progressed at an amazing rate! She enjoyed the one to one which the small school offered her and by Christmas in Rang 1 she knew so much of the Irish language.
I have to admit I was concerned about homework and how I would cope trying to explain things to her as I came from a protestant background and my Irish language was zero! Well I had no  need to worry because she taught me and helped me learn! The homework is always based on the work that they have done in the classroom and she has never come home with Irish which she didn’t  understand. I would always say to her, "What does it say in English and then I can help you." She then just translates it for me! You see Irish is their first language at school and it’s just second nature to them. It’s amazing to see her develop in Irish as well as English at such a young age. (I struggled with languages at secondary school!)
They alternate English one night and Irish the next night. Naoishe is well above average in Irish, English and Maths and I believe this is due to learning Irish. Being bilingual is related to better ability for problem solving and the overall cognitive process. She will be continuing her education at Gaelcholáiste Dhoire in Dungiven.
Kellie Bradley


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