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Two languages - Twice the choice!

Irish-medium education unlocks the ability of children to naturally acquire languages at an early age. Irish-medium schools in Ireland follow the immersion model of education, which is a common educational approach in many countries around the world, including Canada, Australia, Finland, Hungary, New Zealand, South Africa, Wales and Scotland. This model of immersion education allows children to acquire the language naturally through daily experience of an Irish language environment.

The advantages of bilingualism are many and varied.

International research has shown there are many educational and developmental advantages in being bilingual. It has shown that children who are bilingual from an early age find it easier to learn other languages and research has also shown that children who have two languages tend to do better in the curriculum and show higher performance in exams.

Bilingualism also develops advantages in communication skills and allows for a greater acceptance of other languages and cultures. 

There are economic and employment advantages. There are many job opportunities in the rapidly expanding Irish-medium education sector, the media, civil service and working with youth and the community. Bilingual people have an advantage in the job market as they can compete for jobs within and outside the sector. 

Research has also shown there to be health benefits of bilingualism. Studies have shown that Alzheimer's disease demonstrates a much lower incidence in people who have been bilingual or multi-lingual from an early age. Having a second language protects the brain, helping it to stay sharper for longer, which helps to delay the onset of Alzeimher's symptoms. 

The 2001 Census showed that 167,490 people in the North of Ireland had knowledge of Irish. The numbers of Irish speakers is growing every year. Now there are over 4,500 children being educated in Irish-medium schools in the north of Ireland from pre-school, primary and post-primary levels. They all follow the full Northern Ireland Curriculum.

Choosing an Irish-medium pre-school can give parents the opportunity to consider the benefits of Irish-medium education, without having to commit to opting for Irish-medium primary education for their children. 

Understandably many parent's have a range of concerns about the sector. This site aims to provide further information to parents who may be considering opting to send their child to a Naíscoil.   


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